Finding a training location to meet your needs should be simple. We can help.

If you need a centralized location to implement a training event to several employees, end-users or customers, Charleston Management Centre (CMC) can help. 

Our training rooms come fully-equipped to handle any technical requirement your event demands, and our facilities offer a full-range of amenities to heighten the learning experience and increase participant comfort. Using a consultative approach, we will work to identify potential resource gaps, planning challenges and delivery inefficiencies to make sure your training session runs as smoothly as possible. Since our rate structure is based on usage, you only pay for what you need.

Our training centre is located within a walking distance from Vivatel (a 4-star boutique hotel) and Miharja LRT station. This provides convenience especially to trainees from abroad.

Best of all, you can count on us to ask the right questions to guarantee that your training event does not turn into a logistical nightmare.


Focus on your training. Let us handle the rest.

Experienced CMC training project coordinators are ready to help. Call us at (603)-2725 0266 to customize your training event. Or simply complete our online contact form and you'll hear from us by the next business day.